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Starseed Shielding

What is a Starseed?

Don’t all souls’ origins come from another dimension?

Well yes, however some are far more sensitive or aware that they and their viewpoints differ widely from the status quo. Starseeds are naturally creative and prefer music to boxing, Reiki to Footy, are often Healers and Channels for ‘invisible’ energy. Consequently Starseeds can feel lifelong life square pegs in a round hole, like they somehow just don’t fit in, like they are cut from a different cloth. Therefore they can feel misunderstood, ineffective, unworthy and are prone to knowing when their Auric field has been compromised.

This telegraphs often as heaviness around them, lethargy, negativity, aching back and necks, sometimes nausea or chest pain. A lack of confidence and un groundedness also often prevails.

Through Tonys’ Arcturian teachers he has successfully developed 8 necessary shields to lifelong prohibit such indiscriminate invasions.

Furthermore The Arcturians offer their own 3 extra layers of protection to assist these sensitive individuals which may include Empaths and Atlanteans/Lemurians etc, by means of 3 energy cocoons from their ‘hospital ship’ to safeguard the client from harmful electromagnetic energies or radiation.

The entire process takes an hour and promises an authentic life long protection from all forms of negative energy, conscious or otherwise. Tony explains the process, with the Arcturians as it takes place.   1 Hour

                                 Available Worldwide  by Phone/Skype/In person                                      

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