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Reiki Treatments
Glow in hand Royalty Free Stock PhotoFor more than 3 decades in Australia people have been benefiting from this Ancient re-balancing technique. Utilizing a handful of time immortal symbols, the Reiki Master channels Prana or Life Force Energy above and through the client’s energy fields, including the physical in order to restore and re-balance their whole Energy Field.

The therapeutic benefits are countless of this non-evasive technique, including total releasement of stress and tension, neck shoulder and back pain, pre-disposition to negative thinking i.e. depression, anxiety, cloudiness etc leaving the recipient feeling whole, light and grounded.

Reiki sessions can be accompanied with Clairvoyant visions, both in the room around the person, and past life visions for the client. An excellent gift to give either to yourself or to a loved one. Allows the person to move forward with clarity. Also beneficial for grief.

Sessions take up  to 1 ½ hours  

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