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Entity Removals - Psychic Attacks

Tony has travelled extensively and found worldwide a common indigenous belief, of intrusions or attachments, called entities cleverly concealed inside many peoples Auric Field. Why? To feed from our energy called Prana in India, Chi in China, Mana in NZ, and Kurumpa in Central Australia, as examples. Sometimes they are human, including deceased family members, but for the most part are not and can include even inter-dimensional alien forms.

Whichever, it does not matter because these forms do not have your permission to drain you and bring much angst, fear and even depression sometimes into your life. The releasements are simple, obvious and always leave the host, lighter, refreshed and positive again.

Symptoms of ‘entities’, which regularly is occurring now even in our children includes nightmares, broken sleep, aching neck, back or shoulders, tiredness, un-groundedness, anxieties, anger, fears, voices and sometimes nausea or chest pain.

Tony has done 1000’s of these releasements, can see and hear it all, and has just been given                13   ‘shields’ from The Galactic Federation to protect you lifelong and the means for you to easily prove that.   

Psychic Attacks

Un-ease of someone, feeling attacked, anxiety and un-groundedness, heart palpitations, isolated and repetitive body pain i.e. a knife in your back.

1 hour


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