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Everyone has a unique, vibrant colourful bubble of light around their entire body. This auric field comes from the most open of the persons 7 main chakras. Chakras are spinning vortexes of light. Red at the base of the spine, Orange for the Naval area, Yellow being the seat of power under the rib cage. Green chakra of the Heart, Turquoise blue for the chakra feeding the throat, Indigo for the brow chakra, until finally violet for the Crown. Numerous situations both physical, emotional or mental effect these spinning discs.

Everyone usually has at least some small chakras for e.g. grief swiftly effects and closes somewhat the heart chakra, whilst smoking or communication problems make small the throat.

By Scientifically witnessing, via the Aura Program in the computer, a persons more closed chakras, one can choose to open them back up, immediately restoring life force energy to the surrounding organs they are responsible for, thereby maintaining optimum health.

Tony has been working very regularly with clients and the Aura Camera now for over 5  years. Never used as a medical diagnostic tool, but can show strengths and weaknesses which we all have to address.

The client does need to be in attendance for the process, as the clients hand needs to be placed on top of a Bio Sensor in front of the computer screen. Great fun for children as well.

We believe having your energetic blueprint interpreted scientifically by this very accurate method, which we have used to study our very own fields for 5 years, is a fundamental tool in diagnosing where the spiritual seeker needs most importantly to address their efforts.

Consultation Fee:

The process takes 15mins to ½ hour, along with Tony’s observations and includes 2 photos. One of the 7 Chakras and one of the Aura around the client, and a 20 page printout. Cost $50. A full Aura printout example is available to view at The Sacred Tree - Denmark, Western Australia

 email: julie@thesacredtree.com.au  or 08 9848 3360

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